Energy and Water-Efficient Insulation: This is Why Thermguard is the Best!

Global warming is real, whether you choose to believe it or not. And, unfortunately, it’s the bad decisions of past and current generations that have put the world in the position it is today. We must all change our mindsets about the environment. One way to reduce the effects of climate change is to make more responsible purchasing decisions. This needs to start right now!

The media is full of warnings — threating nationwide load shedding, the severe water crisis in Gauteng, the Eastern Cape and Western Cape, and massive heatwaves striking various parts of the country. We need to find a better solution to deal with the heat than our conventional methods. One such solution is Thermguard roof insulation to keep our homes cool during the warmer months and warm during winter.

The world is moving towards a low carbon economy and Thermguard is committed to doing its part for the South African market. By manufacturing cellulose fibre products that use 10 to 14 times less energy than polyester and fibreglass products, we are offering a more sustainable product to all South Africans.

To top it off, Thermguard doesn’t use any heating in the manufacturing process since our raw materials don’t need to be melted in a furnace. No water is used in the manufacturing process either. There’s isn’t another product on the market that’s more energy and water efficient than Thermguard.

Sustainable purchasing decisions are being made more often now than ever before. Why not join the movement to help save our beautiful planet for the coming generations? Every person’s responsible decisions will assist in reducing the effects of climate change.

Thermguard has been around since the ’80s. We are experts in insulation technology. Combined with our passion to look after our mother earth, we aim to offer the most eco-friendly roof insulation available.

For more information about our products and services or if you wish to book a free consultation, get in touch with the team at Thermguard today!