Insulation Product Information


THERMGUARD can reduce the density of the thermal insulation product by 20%, allowing more air to be trapped between the fibres. As a result, you enjoy a lighter, less expensive product that offers superior insulation.

100% seamless cover

Cellulose fibre is loose-fill thermal insulation that is blown onto your ceiling. Therefore it gets into all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your roof, providing a completely seamless blanket where no heat gains and losses can occur. Any gaps in roof insulation would reduce its effectiveness, but with THERMGUARD, you will never have this problem.


Cellulose fibre is a very effective soundproofing material. THERMGUARD thermal insulation is four times as dense as fibreglass and has excellent acoustic values. Once THERMGUARD is installed, noise pollution in the home from traffic and airplanes will be significantly reduced. The layer of roof insulation will also prevent sound from travelling between rooms through the roof space. When installed at 100 mm, and thicker, THERMGUARD has a Noise reduction coefficient of .80 – .90, indicating how much of the sound will be absorbed by the thermal insulation.

Fire retardant

THERMGUARD thermal insulation is treated with fire retardant additives and withstands the heat of a blow lamp without melting or emitting toxic fumes. Where our building insulation has been present in fires, it offered protection against spread and limited damage. Our thermal insulation is fire tested in accordance with SANS 428 and classified B/B1/2.

Insect and rodent repellent

The mined inorganic salts in THERMGUARD thermal insulation are harmless to humans but irritate insects and rodents, preventing them from living in the fibres. Therefore, fitting our product is an effective form of pest control in your roof.


THERMGUARD thermal insulation is supplied in bags made from recycled plastic, ensuring it reaches your home in a totally dry state. In addition, these empty plastic bags are sent for recycling again.


THERMGUARD thermal insulation will not cause problems for allergy sufferers.

Lifetime guarantee

THERMGUARD thermal insulation offers a lifetime guarantee*.


THERMGUARD thermal insulation is competitively priced.

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