Why Roof Insulation Is the Best Approach to Lower Electricity Costs

Electricity in South Africa is a touchy subject. For one, it isn’t exactly reliable due to load shedding at the most inappropriate times. And two, it’s expensive – the more you use the more you pay – it doesn’t even make sense. With this reality to face, we as South Africans are trying everything in our power to lower our electricity consumption, thus lowering our monthly costs.

Unfortunately for us, our homes aren’t built for extremes. In Europe and other colder countries, you’ll find double glazed windows and central heating. Another must-have for these homes are insulation in the roof and walls. While we don’t have extreme cold or heat in South Africa, we could surely benefit from insulating our roofs to keep heat or cold from entering and leaving our homes when we need it most. Which is why Thermguard has been in business since 1984. We’ve been changing peoples lives for 35 years.

Choose Thermguard for Your Roof Insulation in Cape Town

Roof Insulation is proven to retain more than 90% of the heat generated in your home from escaping through the roof in winter and just under 90% of heat summer from entering your home. What’s even better is that Thermguard offers an eco-friendly insulation product created from 80% recycled newspaper manufactured in a low energy process. Thermguard contains harmless household additives making it rodent and insect resistant as well as fire retardant.

With a nationwide network of approved and reliable installers, you don’t have to go through great lengths to get this product in your ceiling. We offer a professional service by doing a thorough assessment of your ceiling and covering of all downlights before placing the insulation in the appropriate places for the best results. All this at extremely competitive prices.

Don’t fall victim to extravagant electricity bills when you can invest in roof insulation for your home. Get in touch for a free quote today!