Increase Your Homes Health Factor With Quality Insulation

Like humans, houses need to breathe. Without proper ventilation, pollutants will enter your home without any way to exit and ultimately harm your health. Excess moisture is the primary cause of damp and mold growth, known to cause and worsen respiratory issues.

By far the most common cause of damp inside your home is condensation. Typically present in colder months, it happens when moisture in the air comes in contact with a cold surface like a wall or mirror. This moisture source can be a simple as breathing. As soon as the moisture makes contact with the surface the temperature drops and water droplets form. If the surface happens to be a wall, the moisture will seep into the paintwork and cause mold growth.

You will generally find condensation near windows, in the corner of a room and behind freestanding furniture. These are places where it’s challenging for the air to circulate.

Condensation isn’t something you can eliminate completely but some homes are affected more than others due to their specific lifestyle. If you are prone to cooking without lids or using an extraction fan, often hang your clothes to dry inside or take particularly long hot showers without proper ventilation, you might struggle more with condensation than others. Additionally, it will depend on how cold or warm your home is, the amount of ventilation and how well your home is insulated.

Does Insulation Help to Eliminate Condensation?

Keeping your home warm inside during the colder months will reduce the number of cold surfaces which will lower the risk of mold growth tremendously. The easiest most affordable way to ensure that your home stays warm and comfortable during winter is to install insulation.

Thermguard insulation reduces the effects of cold temperatures outside by helping to maintain a comfortable, stable and healthy temperature inside.

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