Low Cost Housing Insulation

THERMGUARD is especially effective as a low cost housing insulation solution. Generally, low cost housing is fairly crowded, and this leads to a lot of condensation being generated in the house, especially during the winter. Condensate forms on the underside of the roof and drips down onto the insulation below. Should a blanket type insulation that is not absorbent have been used, then the condensate will filter down through the insulation onto the ceiling and create unsightly black marks on the ceiling, which can be seen from below. Should the problem be severe, the insulation will remain damp and create a breeding ground for all sorts of unhealthy algae.

When using Thermguard, however, there will be less condensation forming on the underside of the roof (Thermguard gives 100% cover). Any condensate that does drip onto the insulation will immediately be absorbed into the top layer of the insulation as Thermguard is manufactured from recycled newsprint, which is highly absorbent.

The next day when the sun comes out and the roof space warms up, the drops of water will evaporate out of the Thermguard and the insulation will dry out. Hence Cellulose Fibre insulation is known as the “BREATHING” insulation.

Thermguard is also very easy to fit, especially in low cost houses with tiled roofs. As these houses are normally 10 metres long by 4 metres wide, the installer does not even need to enter the roof space. From a lightweight scaffold, the installer slips up the tiles leaving a gap through which he blows the product onto the ceiling (the blower can easily blow 2 metres, which is halfway across the house). When the application is complete, he replaces the tiles and moves to the other side of the house where the process is replicated. A pillow fitted with Thermguard is then placed above the trapdoor to insulate this area, allowing easy access to the roof space.

Thermguard has a network of contractors throughout South Africa, thus wherever your contract is situated we will be able to help you.