Agency Opportunities

THERMGUARD will be expanding its business especially since the new law “SANS 10400 – XA: ENERGY USAGE IN BUILDINGS” was enacted on November 9th, 2011. This new legislation means that every new building will have to have insulation installed by law and is expected to increase the insulation market by 20,000,000 square metres per year.

We are giving agency opportunities to people with energy, entrepreneurial flair and sufficient finance to buy into Thermguard, to become profitable and successful insulation contractors.

It would definitely be beneficial if you are already in the building industry or are connected to it. However, this is not essential.

Thermguard does not charge unrealistic agency fees.

We are specifically looking for contractors in the following areas:

  1. East London
  2. Kwazulu Natal (North Coast)
  3. Harrismith

If you are keen to be involved with Thermguard, please contact Eric Quarmby on 082 552 9762 or at

Remember, we have been in the business for over 33 years so, you will be working with the original, proven product.

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