4 Reasons to Use Thermguard for Your Roof Insulation in Cape Town

Roof insulation plays an important role in keeping temperatures constant in your home during every season. In winter it keeps the warm air from escaping through your roof and the cold air from entering, and in summer it does the exact opposite.

If you haven’t found a roof insulation specialist in Cape Town for your insulation project, look no further. Thermguard has been around for a while and offers world-class insulation services and have many satisfied customers to prove it. Here’s why you should consider hiring Thermguard for insulating your roof.

1. Experience
Thermguard was established 34 years ago and is the original Cellulose Fibre Insulation South Africans are familiar with. We have a significant amount of industry knowledge and product development experience to bring to the table.

2. Eco-Friendly Products

If you want a green home, you should know just how important insulation is. For high energy efficiency in your home, you’ll need maximum insulation. But you’ll also want to make sure your insulation is manufactured from recycled materials making it eco-friendly. Thermguard insulation is one such product since it’s made from 80% recycled newsprint, in a low energy process.

3. High-Quality Products
Thermguard roof insulation prevents more than 90% of the heat in your home from escaping through the roof during winter and will keep nearly 90% of heat out of your home in summer. Our product is treated with harmless household additives which make it fire retardant to SANS standards, as well as rodent and insect resistant.


  1. You’ll Save Money
    Not only is Thermguard an affordable insulation solution but you’ll save money on your monthly electricity bill by using less of your air conditioner and fans. This will directly reduce the demand on Eskom and help to prevent load shedding.

    For more information about Thermguard Roof Insulation or for a free quote, get in touch with the team today!